Friday, July 20, 2007

Crossing the Line

There is a woman who cleans our building's stairwell every Thursday morning. We live on the second floor. Each time she comes she rings our bell incessantly so that we can let her in to dump her bucket of dirty water in our toilet and refill it with clean water. This would be a nice thing for us to do, because otherwise she has to go back down to the bottom floor to the faucet to get more water to clean with. But she always rings when we're asleep in bed, in pajamas or less, and she annoys us to pieces with her nonstop ringing.

Usually what happens is, she rings the doorbell, wakes us up, and I get the dog ready to go out. I end up taking him down while she's finishing up. She always says something along the lines of "have a good day" or "bless your soul" - that kind of thing.

Yesterday, she was still cleaning when we got back. And as I passed her in the hallway, she said, "So when are you having kids already?" I was so shocked I just looked at her. How had the cleaning lady managed to poke into my business more than any friend or member of my family, grandparents included? And it didn't end there. When I didn't offer a satisfying reply, she kind of shouted, "What? Aren't you at least thinking about it?" I mumbled something I hoped was sufficiently indignant and went upstairs with her still yelling after me about my nonexistent babies. What I was thinking in my head: "Maybe I would, if you would leave us in peace and quiet!"

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Jeff said...

So, nu, when are you having kids? ;)

LOL...great story!